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We create real solutions to problems in the metalworking industry.

Industrial fluids.

Heat transfer
fabrication lubricants.

Metal working fluids.

Rust preventatives.

Industrial cleaners.

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UNI-PRO is the future & the future is now!

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide customers with advice on lubricants as well as efficient ways to deliver the lube to the stock.

What we offer.

We offer the finest lubricants in the business and put our customers’ needs above all else. We customize all products and equipment to provide the most efficient lubrication management possible using the latest technology.

Since 1996.

We have been in the industry since the ’90s and we’ve been offering great quality products for customers around the world. We have many clients that are satisfied with our products and they have been using them for a long time for their machinery.

Woman wearing white hard hat and orange vest.

We offer the finest lubricants in the business and put our customers needs above all else.

Ready to help.

Our hands-on professional staff is always ready to assist you, in-house, with innovative solutions to your problems. Our goal at UNI-PRO Inc. is to exceed your expectations with quality products and services.


At our company, we ensure that every product performs the best. With our help, you’ll have the finest lubricant on the market that can help lubricate your machinery and equipment for a long time.