Industrial Fluids

Please contact for MSDS Sheets on these items.

Beaker with dark orange liquid.

Pro Draw - Premium Quality Drawing Compounds

Multi-metal applications
Outstanding die life
Durable rust preventatives
Formulated for downstream process compatability
Beaker with gold-colored liquid.

Pro Stamp - Cutting Edge Stamping and Fine Blanking Fluids

Durable rust preventatives
Excellent EP packages; maintains die sharpness
Multi-metal compatible (light to heavy duty)
Easily washable

Beaker with pink liquid.

Pro Form - Superior Forming Lubricants

Excellent welding and brazing compatablity
Compatible with end-use applications and fluids
Odorless formulations
FDA status products available

Beaker with blue liquid.

Pro Kool - Hi-Tech Machining & Grinding Coolants

Excellent sump life
Durable rust preventatives
Outstanding operator acceptance
Super tool life and surface finish

Beaker with dark red liquid.

Pro Cut - Industrial Strength Cutting & Machining Lubricants

Tri-purpose fluids
Low mist
Promotes extended tool life
Excellent rust protection and surface finish

Beaker with yellow liquid.

Pro Lube - State-of-the-Art Industrial Lubricants

Gear, hydraulic, way, spindle lubricants
Motor oils, greases, welding anti-spatter
Compressor oils, EDM fluids, mold release lubes
Airline oils, etc…

Beaker with orange liquid.

Rust Preventatives - Durable Rust Preventatives

Long and short term protectants
Tack free, hard, soft film formulations
Non-VOC products available
Great downstream compatibility

Beaker with green liquid.

Pro Kleen - Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaners

Floor scrubbing, parts washing, etc.
Soak or spray applications (hot or cold)
Cleaner/RP combination formulas available
Environmentally friendly

Beaker with light yellow liquid.

Pro Solv - Industrial Strength Solvents & Oils

Odorless formulas; soak or spray
Excellent parts and machine cleaning
High flash points for added safety
Mineral seal oils